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Wolfy`s Bar

Prana Chai Original Blend Starter Kit

Prana Chai Original Blend Starter Kit

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Get all your essentials in one easy place with one of our Original Masala Blend Starter Boxes. These boxes make a great gift or an approachable starter pack for any Prana Chai devo-teas.

Every box comes with everything you’d need to brew the ultimate masala chai, including:

• 250g Prana Chai Original Masala Blend
• Stainless steel stove top pot
• Fine mesh strainer
• Huskee Cup
• Prana Chai Recipe Booklet packed with 6 original recipes to help you make the most of your chai.

Grab one of these chai kits as the perfect gift set or treat yourself to this exquisite equipment today.

Serves 15 cups per 250g.

Pots are not Induction Cooktop compatible.


• premium black tea
• pure honey
• cinnamon
• cardamom
• star anise
• cloves
• peppercorn
• ginger root

Not too spicy and not too sweet. Prana Chai Masala is exceptionally well balanced and easy to drink. Layered smoothness and a sophisticated spicy finish make a unique taste profile.

• Best served hot.
• Cold brew.
• Cooking.

Helps reduce nausea, prevents bacterial infections, and supports proper digestion. Honey is a good antibacterial and a wonderful unprocessed sugar source.

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Step into a world of bold flavors with Wolfy's Bar Coffee, where each cup is a celebration of the extraordinary. Our exclusive coffee, crafted from premium beans sourced from Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya, offers a unique flavour profile. Known for its superior washing process, offers a distinctively smooth and robust taste. With flavor notes of butterscotch, chocolate, and a hint of lime, our coffee is an invitation to indulge in a unique and exhilarating sensory experience.

Wolfy's Bar is more than just coffee; it's an attitude. Our blend delivers a perfect balance of rich taste and invigorating caffeine, ideal for kickstarting your day with zest. For the perfect brew, we recommend using 2.5 tablespoons of our coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Join us in embracing the bold - one cup at a time.

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